XamlQuery : LINQ & Rx

Nov 24, 2010 at 2:04 AM

Hi Prabu,

Very cool project.  Two Recommendations for you:

  • A LINQ Provider for XamlQuery search operators
    • Bart DeSmet @ PDC 2010 provided an awesome approach to writing a custom linq provider, without implementing IQueryable or parsing expression trees - using POCO classes to represent LINQ state.  You might find his twitter example as insightful as I did.
  • Use Reactive Extensions
    • Instead of being glued to AddHandler/RemoveHandler .NET Events... it would be nice to have an Observable, which also automatically disposes for you.  Rx is Linq-to-Events.  It is very powerful for UI events... because you can create an event pipeline, and create your own events using aggregates, time delays, etc.  Something to consider integrating with / allowing within XamlQuery.

Keep up the good work...


PS.  Found your project via your 8pen Silverlight demo.  AWESOME work!